The Hanson Collection 
Vintage Fashion Hats

The Hanson Collection consists of  more than 1,000 hats dating from the early 19th century.  The collection is primarily women’s fashion hats; however, there are also men’s and children’s traditional hats and unusual hats from around the world. I have purchased hats in Paris flea markets and shops in Europe specializing in vintage designer clothing.  Friends have given me hats that once belonged to their parents.

Minor repairs are made if necessary; however, hats are not restored in that I do not remake a hat using new materials or parts of other hats.   Each hat is cataloged and photographed; some are on display, most are in storage. There are 300 hat boxes in the collection. 

I do not consider myself an expert on hats and welcome any comments you may have.  Please contact me at

This site contains fifteen hundred images of hats.  I suggest you start at

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The Collection

The Hanson Collection is my private collection.  I purchase hats at estate sales, vintage clothing stores, and antique shops and sales. I do not buy hats online.  My hats are not for sale.